Secours Golden Retriever Rescue

06-23 Henry

Clic here to see Henry in his new home - a note from his parents



Just wanted to send an update about beautiful Henry!
We have relocated to Costa Rica and of course we brought Henry with us! He's adjusting so well it's amazing.
He loves the freedom and sitting on our porch. We're up in Monteverde so the weather isn't too hot, thank goodness! I was worried about the flight down, but we left from Toronto so Henry wouldn't have to transfer in the US....
Made it as easy and quick as possible for him!!!
I've added a couple of photos of him! He's been such a great friend and we're really happy to see him so happy... we bought him a new bed too, but he loves his blanket(that we brought from Chateauguay QC )
Take care and thanks again for letting us have Henry! It's been 6 yrs that we've had him and everyday's a new adventure for him and us
Roz and Henry