#07-12 James

07-05-11: James and I went to see Dr Dunbar earlier today and he is doing very well. Dr. Dunbar said that his progress is where it should be. She would like to see him putting more weight on his leg when he is standing and showed me an exercise to help him do that.
She has also given him more pain medication. This will help him to work harder at putting more weight when he is walking and building his ever so important muscles. We will continue to take as many short walks as tolerated and keep him on a very short leash to encourage "four pawed" walking.
James has a small rash on his shaved leg and Dr. Dunbar thinks he may have a seasonal allergy. I will use cortisone cream for a short while to help the rash. James has also been put on antibiotics as a precaution and to help with his skin irritation.
He is very happy and loves to lie out in the sun now that summer has arrived.
We have another appointment with Dr. Dunbar in two weeks.
I will send another update when there is more news.
Thank you for your support.
Barbara and James

07-05-07: It has been a week since James has come home and he is doing very well. It took a day or two for him to feel comfortable and adapt to his new routine. His slight ear infection is clearing up nicely with the daily cleaning and ointment.
James started to put a little weight on his foot just one week after the surgery. As of this morning he is putting more weight on his leg and seems more confident with his walking.
He sleeps through his twice daily physiotherapy exercises and we are now able to walk about one block. Each day he wants to go further and further.
James, with his charming character and winning smile, has become a celebrity in my neighborhood. Whether we are on the front lawn doing his physiotherapy exercises or out for a short stroll all of the neighbors ask how he is. He is eager to play with his pals who live next door (a pug and a rottweiller), but is very patient when I ask him to sit and stay during their visits.
He has a follow-up appointment with Dr Dunbar next Wednesday. I will send an update with new photos following that appointment.
Thanks for all of your help and support.
I will keep you updated.

27-04-07: I visited James this afternoon and participated in him physiotherapy treatment. He did excellently. His physiotherapist, Maria, thinks that the injury may be very old because James is very reluctant to put his foot down. She thinks this is because he remembers the pain he was in and assured me it will get better. Maria showed me all of the physio moves and I will continue the treatments at home 2-3 times per day.
James continues to eat well and is ready to go home. He is very brave and is working very hard to get better.
Dr Dunbar will examine him tomorrow afternoon and then I will be able to pick him up. I will take him back every two weeks for follow up appointments.


26-04-07: I am very pleased to report that James is doing very well following his surgery. When I visited last night he was a little groggy but none the less bright eyed and happy to see me. We spent a couple of hours cuddling and hanging out. He has won the hearts of all of the staff at Pierrefonds Animal Hospital.
He had had two physiotherapy treatments and was waiting for his third. He is eating well and has been taken off all his IV meds.
Josée, his technician last night, reported that they hoped to get him up walking today (although his already standing on his own).
I have included a couple of pictures so everyone can see how he is doing.
I will visit again today and let send you another update later tonight.

Barbara (James foster Mum)