#01-24 Carla

Some news...


Here are three pictures of Clara

We adopted her from the golden rescue in 2001 and I checked the website out today and she was #24.
She is now 9 yrs old. Suffers from a bit of arthritis, a few allergies and she’s loss control of her bladder but besides that all is good. She is a real trooper. Her vet always says "what a good looking happy dog, if only we could see how broken and old you are inside :P ". Her age is starting to show but our two year old Boston terrier, Mika, makes sure to keep her young.


There is a picture of Clara sunbathing on our balcony. A picture of Mika and her sleeping or rather cuddling, I swear those two are inseparable.
As well as a picture of her getting better after a huge operation she had in January this year. But again you can see Mika was there the whole time. Never left her side! Made sure she was warm and gave her plenty of wet kisses!




Hope this helps the website and to entice people to adopt from you guys.
8 yrs later and there isn’t a single day that passes where we dont love her more and more and more.

Thanks for all your hard work
this is a wonderful rescue